Recreation is fundamental

We believe recreation to be one of the fundamental factors contributing to a happy, well-balanced life. We feel that all the people of the State should have the opportunity to experience a variety of significant, purposeful recreation activities. It is essential that adequate provision be made for recreation areas, facilities and programs that satisfy the leisure time needs of the people and contribute to the refreshment of BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT.

NEW Volunteer Positions Posted
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Grant and Education Scholarship Progam
The Oregon Parks Association has recently developed the Gary A. Ward Grant and Education Scholarship Program.  This program allows OPA members, whose budgets do not always allow them to attend needed training opportunities, a chance at getting a scholarship.  The deadline for applying for the program is July 1st.  Scholarships will be awarded at the annual conference in September and the funds made available for use next year. 

2012 Deferred Maintenance Report

Final Report: Deferred Maintenance in Oregon's County Parks.
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Interactive Map

Check out our new interactive map of Oregon counties. Click on any county to find out about more about the parks in that district.
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Our Purpose

To encourage the development of parks and recreation areas that will be a credit to the community, county and the State of Oregon.

To exchange information, ideas and plans on park and recreation development through publications, correspondence, workshops and conferences.

To promote cooperation between all levels of government and private enterprise in the development of recreation areas and facilities needed to provide adequate recreation for the people of Oregon.

To facilitate communication with and to make best use of such
cooperation as may be extended by the Park and Recreation Department as provided in ORS 366.192.