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300 Days of Sunshine!

The communities of Klamath County offer an affordable and high-quality of life, beautiful scenery, and endless opportunity for outdoor fun. With 300 days of sunny skies, Klamath Falls is Oregon’s ‘City of Sunshine’ and it’s a great place to enjoy a round of golf at any one of five local courses. In addition, there are endless recreation opportunities.

Home to Crater Lake National Park, Klamath County is located in the south-central part of Oregon, east of the Cascade Mountains. It is located in a region known as the Oregon High Desert and is geographically Oregon’s fourth largest county.

The City of Klamath Falls is the seat of Klamath County, Oregon and serves as the transportation and service center for a greater area referred to as “The Klamath Basin” (which includes south-central Oregon and north-central California).

The Upper Klamath Lake is the largest body of fresh water in the Pacific Northwest and covers more than 133 square miles. There are more than 82 lakes and streams in Klamath County.

Snowmobile runs and downhill or alpine skiing is available at Mt. Shasta, Mt. Bachelor, Crater Lake, Mt. Ashland and various other locations. In addition, various rivers and mountain lakes offer a retreat for fishing, whitewater rafting, camping and hiking. An abundance of deer and wildlife, including the famous Klamath white pelicans, call this area home for much of the year. Klamath County is also home to one of the largest bald eagle populations in the United States.

Tourism is a growing industry in area due to the extraordinary natural setting and the proximity of attractions such as Crater Lake National Park, Lava Beds National Monument, seven National Wildlife Refuges, and the Running Y Ranch & Resort (featuring Oregon’s only Palmer-designed golf course, as well as residential, lodge and recreational facilities). The Klamath Basin also supports substantial agricultural and ranching industries.

With an annual precipitation average of 13 inches, plus the year-round temperate climate, the Klamath Basin attracts people looking for outdoor adventures throughout the year. Klamath Falls, located at an elevation of 4100 feet, offers a high, dry climate. The area is known for its warm summers in the 80s and 90s, crisp autumns, and mild, but often snowy winters. Known as Oregon’s City of Sunshine, Klamath Falls enjoys nearly 300 days of sunshine each year.

Crystal Springs Park

Open Year Round. Day Use Only. Crystal Springs Park is located on the Lost River, two miles east of Highway 39 on Crystal Springs Road. Park amenities: Graveled parking area, Picnic table, Pit toilet, Boat launch facilities.

Cy Bingham Park

Open March through November. 10 Campsites. This park is 1/4 mile west of the town of Crescent. The site was a gift of the Gilchrist Timber Company and is 2-1/2 acres. It was dedicated in September 1967 and named in honor of a deputy Forest Ranger of the area. The Gilchrist Garden Club planted shrubs and flowers and cares for them. Cooking stoves were purchased by the same club. A sprinkler system was installed by the County in 1971. City waster is used. Park amenities: Pit toilets, Picnic tables, 10 Camp sites.

Eagle Ridge Park

Open Year Round. 17300 Eagle Ridge Road, Klamath Falls, OR. 6 Campsites. This site is 634.88 acres and is located off Highway 140 15 miles west of Klamath Falls. This park was purchased from the State Game Commission. The Hoo Hoo Club assisted the County with the construciton of a road into the park and purchased picnic tables. Park amenities: New CXT vault toilets, Boat Launch, Drinking water. Due to narrowness of road to tent campground, trailers not permitted beyond boat launch.

Fort Klamath Park Museum

Open June to Labor Day. Visit Fort Klamath on the way to Crater Lake. Built in 1863, the fort was the first military outpost in the region. All that is left of the settlement is the guardhouse, which exhibits relics from the fort and pictures from that era. Learn about the courageous Modoc Chief Captain Jack and the three warriors who were hung at the fort for waging war against the U.S. Army. Their gravesites are a short distance from the museum.

Hagelstein Park

Open April through September. 17301 Highway 97 N., Klamath Falls, OR. 10 Campsites. This park is located 10 miles north of Klamath Falls on Highway 97. This is the first park to be developed in the County system and is five acres; 3-1/2 acres donated by William Hagelstein and 1-1/2 acres purchased from the State Land Board. This park was completed and dedicated in July, 1963. a brick building contains modern rest rooms. Park amenities: Drinking water, Picnic tables, 10 trailer sites or tent sites, Water access to Klamath Lake with launching at the ramp

Henzel Park

Open April through September. Day Use Only. This park is located 25 miles northwest of Klamath Falls on Highway 427. It is 5 acres and was acquired in a land exchange with Dick Henzel. The park was named in honor of Sam Henzel and dedicated June 18, 1972. Park amenities: Modern rest rooms, Boat launch, Drinking water, paving, ramp and floats.

Petric Park

Open April through September. Day Use Only. This property was the gift of the Steve Petric family and is located 29 miles from Klamath Falls on Highway 427. It is 2.2 acres. Park amenities: Boat launch, CXT toilet, paving, ramp, and floats.

Stevenson Park

Open Year Round. Day Use Only. This site was donated by George Stevenson in memory of his wife. It is located 11 miles east of Klamath Falls on the Lost River on Highway 140. The park is 2-1/2 acres and has a picnic area. No boat launching is allowed but fishing from the banks is allowed. Park amenities: vault toilets.

Wocus Bay Boat Launch

Open Year Round. Day Use Only. 123.83 Acres. This site is located at the foot of Doak Mountain on Highway 140, 13 miles west of Klamath Falls. Development of the site was a joint venture with the State Game Commission. The launch was recontructed, widened and generally improved in 1979-1980. Park amenities: CXT toilet, paving, ramp and floats.